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Is There a “Solution” for “Bullying?”


Read The California Sundial Op Ed.



“Kevin McCrudden’s new book revises and revitalizes Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to apply directly to our current culture. His book is insightful, innovative and in tune with the rapid changes in our society. His emphasis on acceptance of difference and gratitude for the kindnesses in life is most needed in our complicated, fast paced world.   I think Dr. Maslow would welcome Kevin’s creative manuscript and approve the need for a new, creative view of human nature.”


~ Dr. Arthur Ciaramaccoli  ~ Clinical Psychologist / Instructor Harvard Medical School  

Author: “The Curse of the Capable”   




"Kevin continues to motivate, inspire and educate.  This new book and the creation of "The 21st Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs" is an extension of his unique view of the world and an appropriate follow up to "National Motivation & Inspiration Day."   I applaud Kevin's ongoing commitment to motivating and inspiring America and America's youth." 


~ Warren Struhl ~

Chief Inspiration Officer @ Successories.com

and Author of "Starting Them Up"




“Throughout my professional and political life I have found that motivation and inspiration has played important roles in the greatest achievements of civilized  society  and are characteristics common to all great leaders and Kevin McCrudden exemplifies this statement.”


~ Felix J. Grucci Jr. ~

 Member of Congress retired, Sponsor of National Motivation & Inspiration Day

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About Kevin


Kevin L. McCrudden is the ONLY motivational and leadership speaker  in America to ever  have a day of recognition passed by The United States Congress!


January 2nd of every year is National Motivation & Inspiration Day, a day dedicated to helping Americans, become the very best U that U can be, especially young adults, through the creation of annual goals to help maximize human potential.


Kevin is a first generation Irish American, former professional athlete, mediator and candidate for public office;


President of Motivate America, Inc. and Founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day;


Creator of The American Motivation Awards, honoring motivational, inspirational and patriotic leaders in Americawww.AmericanMotivationAwards.com


Creator of “I Am America” Apparel, “a patriot for change, part of the solution.”;


Author of “Who Are U?”  where he introduced the most significant addition to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in 60 years.


Author of “The Anatomy of a Successful Small Business” and “Motivation Mondays” column.


Creator of “The 21st Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs” which he uses as the foundation for an extraordinary program to address the “bullying” epidemic in America.


Creator of one of the first “Media Convergence Models” in America in 1999.  “The Internet is the most powerful medium ever created, because it can imitate all other media and they cannot imitate the Internet.”


Partner with Borrell Associates and Local Media Association, formerly SNA, in the creation of one of America’s only Media Certification Programs


Creator of hundreds of management, leadership and sales programs, including “SUCCESS TRAINING,” which has been released in the CD Series with international speaking luminaries such as Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.

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Kevin L. McCrudden

We created Motivation Mondays©  because of the current situation in America.  Millions of people are unemployed and losing their homes with no light ahead in the near future.


Below are a few Motivation Mondays© weekly columns, available for syndication.


We have also created a seminar program that can be used by Chambers of Commerce or Media  companies for local Job Fairs or Non-Profit Career Counseling Centers to help uplift those that are unemployed that are seeking networking and employment  opportunities.

Here are some testimonials from          

The Motivation Monday Seminar:


Lots of information! Great way to organize your energy and focus.”

~ Caroline Kesloff~


My eyes were opened a little wider with Kevin’s guidance.”

~ Jeff Stone ~


I felt a renewed understanding of the relationship between needs and goals.”

~D. Quinn ~

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“A Patriot for Change...Part of the Solution!
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in CD Set with Zig Ziglar,          Les Brown,  Jack Canfield,       Bob Proctor and more !

Kevin pictured here with
the legendary Zig Ziglar.

Kevin is featured in the newest Made for Success product release, “What is Success?” which was released on January 2nd National Motivation & Inspiration Day!


He has conducted his “SUCCESS TRAINING” program for professional sports teams, management and sales teams all across North America.  The program incorporates visualization and insights of how to create “success.”  “It is such an amazing honor to be included in a CD set with some of the leading speakers in America!  I’m speechless,” said McCrudden.


The CD set is available online and at Barnes & Noble Stores all across America, as well as Walmart, K-Mart and Costco.

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"Mr. Motivation"Text Box: Kevin is one of the most creative thinkers and speakers of our time, a patriotic leader that delivers powerful and thought provoking messages for a variety of audiences.

Are you looking for a change? Are you looking for someone that can deliver for you and your organization?  Compare what  Kevin has created with any other speaker in America…  He doesn’t just talk, motivate and inspire...he leads by example by “taking action to make things happen!”

If you want someone to help turn around your company or motivate and inspire your audience, you came to the right place!


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Bloomberg,  Inc  LLC
Borrell Associates
Freedom Communication
New York Times
Disc Graphics
E.W. Scripps
LIJSL ~ Long Island Junior Soccer League
Association of Legal Administrators
Melville Chamber
St. Petersburg Times
Southampton College
CNHI Newspapers
USA Networks
SNA ~ Suburban Newspapers of America
2002 National Champion L.I. Rough Riders 

Business Categories—Industries

media, newspapers, internet, politics, government, non-profit, universities, business, high schools, educators,  prisons, small business owners...and more.



Kevin is one of the most polished and articulate presenters I have ever seen or had the pleasure to work with. I have seen him deliver powerful and impactful presentations in several surroundings. Kevin is one of the premier management and sales trainers in the media industry today. He understands today’s media challenges and provides easy to understand programs that breakdown the complexity and help people

understand the fundamentals of media. If you believe in "Consultative Selling in Media." Kevin’s the guy.

Tony Wills

Managing Director


...Kevin was of course, the epitome of what he was

teaching . leadership. His presentation skills were

excellent, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of our

industry was impressive. Given the opportunity, I

would immediately retain Kevin.s services again.

F. Steve McPhaul

President of CNHI


....Having worked in the newspaper business for more

than 22 years, I have had the opportunity to attend

professional sales seminars by most of the top

organizations, and I would rank Kevin as one of the top

trainers in the industry. My sales staff and managers

never fail to respond enthusiastically to his training and I

have seen measurable results to the bottom line."

Glen Porter

Advertising Director


In today's competitive media environment our sales team needs a competitive edge. Through our association with you they received just that. Having been through countless hours of college lecture and seminars I can say that your ability to communicate exceeds that of any speaker have I been associated with. The extent to which you effectively interact and connect with your audience is impressive.

Kevin Drake
Team Leader

Anti-Bullying Program !

Utilizing his book  “U ~ Who Are U?” and his 21st Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs,, Kevin has created an Assembly Program for Junior and Senior High Schools to address and help eliminate “bullying” in our schools.


Kevin conducts several Assembly programs during the day for students, teachers and administrators and then conducts an evening program with parents.


Kevin has also partnered with a leading technology company to provide a unique technical solution that not only eliminates “bullying,” but help cuts costs fro school districts and provides students and teachers with remarkable benefits.


For more information write Kevin at:



It’s a difficult time in America, especially for small business owners and “Main Street USA.”


“The Anatomy of a Successful Small Business” was created to work with media companies and Chambers of Commerce across America to provide small business owners guidance with their media plans.  After 15 years of training media sales teams, why not share that knowledge with small businesses?


For More Information email us at:  MotivateAmerica3@gmail.com

“I am America” A Patriot for Change” is NOT affiliated with any party, but is a call to action to all Americans to get involved!


“Take action to make things happen” is not just a motto, but a way of life.  This election year, 2012, please get involved and VOTE!

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Ever since the Delphic oracle said, “Man, know thyself,” self-knowledge and self-understanding have been essential to inner happiness and outer achievement.  This book shows you how to gain the inner awareness that can change your life.”

Brian Tracy – Author, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

For Dad's & Grads